11 More Conference Sessions That You Will Kick Yourself For Missing!

In part one, I was tasked with the tricky task of picking 7 Global Conference sessions that were unmissable. That was so hard, I have picked another 11 sessions that offer a lovely mixture of IT pro, business and developer content. There are also quite a few in my list that will serve up the latest features such as Azure Functions.

Please note: All of the times are based on UTC, to see them in your own local time please visit the conference agenda here. We also strongly recommend that you register for free and attend the conference during the scheduled 24 hours because the content may not be freely available on-demand afterwards!

Unmissable Session #1 - October 19th 9:00pm - 10:00pm UTC

Rick Van Rousselt

Rivaro Consultancy

Home Location : Belgium

Speed up your Office 365 intranet to mach 1

If you're a developer and performance is your thing, then this one tops my list of unmissables!

When developing on the Office 365 platform we tend to forget that writing complex client side code and querying SharePoint for information is not that fast. In this session we will cover some interesting topics on speeding up the load time of your SharePoint portal. We will explore how SharePoint caches and refreshes information and then see how we can leverage these techniques to our benefit. We will also check out other ways to speed up our SharePoint environment by using the power of Azure.


Unmissable Session #2 - October 19th 9:00pm - 10:00pm UTC

Jeffrey Travis


Home Location : USA

I did not know SharePoint could do that! Tips and tricks business users can leverage in SharePoint

I love sessions that are packed full of quick wins and I am certain this won't disappoint you!

SharePoint is truly a tool for the business but many do not know many of the tips and tricks available in SharePoint. This session will show various tips & tricks, including connecting to Outlook, using [Me] in your views and alerts, leveraging validation settings on lists and columns, using formulas that are similar to those in Excel and more.


Unmissable Session #3 - October 19th 11:00pm - 12:00pm UTC

Erica Toelle


Home Location : USA

Create an End User Adoption Strategy

I have loved Erica's sessions on OneDrive so am excited to see what nuggets she has put into this one! User adoption of SharePoint is one of the biggest challenges out there. 

We all know that End User Adoption is an important area of focus in your SharePoint project. In this session we will take a closer look at the End User Adoption work stream on a SharePoint project, and the associated roles, responsibilities and tasks for the project plan. We will also review case studies to demonstrate how these differ based on the size of the project and the specific needs of the organization. You’ll walk away from this session with a tactical formula you can follow to create your end user adoption strategy and templates to support the process.


Unmissable Session #4 - October 20th 00:00am - 01:00am UTC

Devendra Velegandla


Home Location : Philippines

Build workflows using SharePoint Designer 2013

Devendra is awesome! His knowledge around a subject that people often struggle with is top notch. I love the global feel of the conference and to have the Philippines represented rocks!

SharePoint workflows help you to automate the business process so you can save the cost. In this course, students (IT Pro, Developer or Power User) can build workflows even if they don't have prior knowledge of these concepts. We will be using expenses approval system for the demo. This is applicable for SharePoint online and SharePoint on-premises.


Unmissable Session #5 - October 20th 03:00am - 04:00am UTC

Amr Fouad


Home Location : Australia

Build Office Assistant using Bot Framework

I love innovation and anything that teaches me about the latest tech really excites me. Amr's session is going to cover the Bot Framework, Normal Language Processing and plenty of other stuff I've never had time to look into. Grab a coffee and put your feet up for this one!

Conversation starts everywhere emails, chat apps and digital workspaces. In this session we will explore together a new way of increasing productivity and collaboration within the same team by building a single bot that connect to different channel. Our bot uses Office365 as underlying platform.


Unmissable Session #6 - October 19th 11:00pm - 00:00am UTC

Debarchan Sarkar


Home Location : India

Twitter Sentiment Analysis using Azure Data Services

As with Amr's session this fits the bill about using new tech that I've not managed to use. It's also really cool to see Microsoft India presenting for us so I am looking forward to Deberchan's session.

Demo using Azure Stream Analytics and Machine Learning as well as data at rest using ADF, HDInsight, Hive and Power BI. It uses the Twitter streaming APIs which is consumed by Azure worker roles with a list of keywords to track which are sent to Azure Event Hub. There are three Azure Stream Analytics job that archive these processed tweets to Azure Blob storage, aggregate and average tweet counts and sentiments grouped by topics. This real time analysis is presented in an Azure Web App connected through SignalR. We then use Azure Data Factory to spin up HDInsight clusters and use Hive to provide analysis on data at rest (the archived tweets). Finally, we leverage Power BI Q&A to provide real time visualization using natural language.


Unmissable Session #7 - October 20th 7:00am - 8:00am UTC

Malin De Silva


Home Location : Sri Lanka

Exploring the PowerApps Advantage

Newly crowned MVP, Malin De Silva covers one of Microsoft's coolest / newest techs .. PowerApps. IMHO, PowerApps are going to become very popular due to their integration with SharePoint. Watch out IFTTT!

Lack of developer supply has been a major issue with the increasing technology demands. Ability to build the business apps without any code changes make it easier for any user to make his own app for the normal business purposes. PowerApps just does that. It allows the users to connect many services such as SharePoint Online, Salesforce, Dynamics and etc... In this session let’s discuss the potentials of PowerApps and how to easily build them without much effort.


Unmissable Session #8 - October 20th 9:00am - 10:00am UTC

Brett Lonsdale

Lightning Tools

Home Location : UK

Understanding SharePoint Permissions for Site Owners and Site Collection Administrators

We are honoured to have Lightning Tools CEO, Brett with us at Collab365 for his first speaking engagement. You could say that what he doesn't know about SharePoint Permissions isn't worth knowing .. So I will say it! If you've ever scratched your head and thought "I wonder how I can only let Molly access this document", then WATCH THIS!

Many users of SharePoint are tasked with Site Administrator or Site Collection Administration. Part of their task is to manage permission requests and to keep tight control on who can view or manipulate content within the sites that they manage, since they have a better understanding of who should have permissions to the content than farm administrators who do not work within the department each day. It is therefore important for Site Owners to have a good understanding of how to report and manage permissions effectively within the sites that they manage. This session will provide a good understanding of practices around permissions management.


Unmissable Session #9 - October 20th 9:00am - 10:00am UTC

Ricardo Costa

Created It

Home Location : Portugal

Event driven aplications with Azure Functions

Ok, ok the GEEK in me has risen it's ugly head again. Once again, how can I miss this session? I have heard good things about Azure Functions, but don't really know how to get from A to Z. Why would you want to use an Azure Function? Maybe you want to run some code when a user saves a file to OneDrive?

The session will cover triggers and webhooks that Azure Functions provide. It will also have a look at various integrations and at last, it will check the scaling and costs.


Unmissable Session #10 - October 20th 11:00am - 12:00 UTC

Jasper Oosterveld


Home Location : Netherlands

Groups & SharePoint: United we stand together!

Jasper is back for what I believe is his 4th appearance at one our conferences! His sessions are always very, very good and delivered in a refreshing way. At Global Con he is going to take us through one of the most important pieces of tech : Office 365 Groups. 

Collaboration is part of our everyday work life. We collaborate with colleagues, suppliers, customers and perhaps even students or teachers. SharePoint has been our collaboration partner for many, many years but times have been changing. In late 2014, Office 365 Groups arrived. This changed everything. Many sceptics doubt the use and future of Groups; they point out the lack of features of Groups. They are obviously missing the bigger picture of Microsoft's vision around collaboration. There is no divide; there is only unity! Groups and SharePoint ignite a collaboration spark that is going to change the future of collaboration forever! Join Microsoft MVP Jasper Oosterveld as he explains the future of collaboration through many demos and perhaps even a real world scenario.


Unmissable Session #11 - October 20th 7:00am - 8:00am UTC

Brendan Griffin


Home Location : UK

SharePoint Hybrid Capabilities Rundown

I left this one purposefully until last because if you're still sitting 'on the fence' wondering whether to attend, this one session is literally a DO NOT MISS! Nearly every organization will want to keep some SharePoint on-premises and some in Office 365. If you're the person that needs tell them how, sit back, grab the Pizza and watch this!

As more and more customers are starting to adopt Office 365, one of the most common questions is “How can SharePoint Online be integrated with an existing On-Premises implementation of SharePoint?”. Deploying SharePoint in a Hybrid configuration is becoming increasingly popular, with a constantly evolving set of capabilities it’s important to understand the potential of running SharePoint in a Hybrid topology and how this can be leveraged to get the greatest value out of your investment in SharePoint. This session will provide an overview of the Hybrid capabilities that are available in SharePoint and demonstrate how they can be leveraged to improve the usability and manageability of a Hybrid SharePoint deployment.


SharePoint Tournament - October 20th 3:00pm - 4:00pm UTC

We're also trying some fun towards the end of the conference! We're going to be running a live, multi-player, 50 question quiz to see who knows most about SharePoint. We've also got 1000$ worth of prizes supplied by Concept Searching! Read more about it here.

What are your unmissable sessions?

Why not take a look at the agenda and let us know which sessions you don't want to miss? Leave your top 5 in the comments...

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