Extending your Intranet into MS Teams

You have a fancy intranet running in SharePoint, yet your users live in Microsoft Teams.  This session will give you some ideas of how you can use the Microsoft ecosystem to use MS Teams as a channel to your Intranet. Using technologies such as Teams Tabs, Flow and Bots, you will see how you can create a seamless link between intranet and Teams.

Speaker information:

Mark Stokes

Mark has an unusual mixture of development and business background bringing him perfectly into the Solutions Architect role. Mark is still deeply technical, but far prefers the customer interaction and design elements of projects. Mark is the North West Leader of the SharePoint User Group UK and manages a lot of the communications and Yammer network for the group, alongside his fellow co-leaders. He can also be seen travelling the UK (and further afield) presenting and supporting other user groups and conferences.