Solutions Day - April 2016

Off the shelf products that help boost your productivity are what Solutions Days are all about! We want to help you get a more immediate ROI for time spent enhancing SharePoint and Office365.

Find out how you can do both of these things by utilising the great Applications available for SharePoint and Office365.

  • Infowise
  • tekreach
  • kwizcom
  • immersiontech

*** NEW FEATURES !! *** We couldn't cram these into the Solutions Day video but we want to show you them now ***

Most existing forms solutions for SharePoint & O365 are designed for technical power-users, so companies using these solutions suffer from a bottleneck since all the required forms must be created by the “Forms experts” team, or by a service provider. Unlike most of these solutions, KWizCom Forms is designed for non-technical end-users, enabling every site-owner to quickly create powerful forms and implement various business scenarios without any need for using complex forms & workflow designers.

This session includes a live demo showing the creation of dynamic forms from scratch, so attendees will be able to see the real user experience while creating and maintaining their forms.