How we use DocRead for SharePoint at Collab365

Take a tour behind the scenes of the Collab365 conference platform

During this 45-minute session, we will be going 'behind the scenes' of our conference platform. The platform is with SharePoint 2013 Foundation and is now a veteran of 7 major online events.

To keep our events 'no charge' we've had to make them as efficient as we can and automate repetitive tasks where possible. To this end - we've used SharePoint alongside our own products (DocRead and DocSurvey) as well as a few others along the way.

By watching our session 'behind the scenes' demonstration you will learn:

  •   The story of how we got into running on-line conferences.
  •   How we structure the platform into site collections, sites and libraries
  •   How we on-board speakers & manage the entire process in SharePoint.
  •   How we share speaker's slides with attendees at just the right time.
  •   What other SharePoint tools we use to save us some serious time.

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