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How to cope with (the inevitable) changes to Office 365

At the Collab365 Summit last week we hosted a superb discussion with Captains of SharePoint, Owen Allen (Microsoft), Christian Buckley (Beezy) and Adam Levithan (Metalogix). They specifically discussed the challenges that organizations are facing when using Office 365 (as well as other cloud services) on a daily basis.

Change is inevitable. Microsoft are constantly improving and changing Office 365 and it can't be avoided. This is very different from the 2 to 3 year SharePoint release cycle that organizations are used to planning for. It introduces challenges around testing, user adoption, 3rd party apps, customization and much more.

The panel explain how you can best position yourself to stay ahead of the curve and recognise that the roadmap is always evolving. Christian Buckley suggests that creating an internal SharePoint community with leaders in Development and IT Pro is a great strategy.  It's a really interesting discussion as release management is gradually moving away from "internal IT teams" and becomes the responsibility of Microsoft. One of "IT's" roles is now to educate about what's coming.  

How do you cope with change?

Once you've watched the discussion, I would love to hear your suggestions on how to cope with change in Office 365. How do you plan for the forthcoming changes and make sure that your business are happy and that there aren't any unexpected surprises? (Feel free to leave a comment).

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