How to learn SharePoint with a smile on your face 🙂

Let's face it, learning can be tediously boring, scary and give you the feeling that you will never get to the end (if you know where the end is).

There are many ways to learn. We have books, podcasts, videos, courses, conferences, shadowing, user groups, discussions, mentoring and so on. I am not really a book person and I am not really a 'go and stay' somewhere for a week's course type of person. I usually have way too much to do and also enjoy a short attention span. I often need to learn in short bursts, but also need to feel like I have achieved something and can track my progress. If I can learn along with others - even better!

This post explains how we've partnered with Metalogix to bring you a truly unique experience to gain more SharePoint and Office 365 knowledge. ​

At Collab365 - we are always looking for ways to be innovative. Nearly 4 years ago, we brought you and the SharePoint Community Group on LinkedIn. Following that we moved into the virtual conferences by introducing SP24, SPBiz, Collab365 Global Conference 2015, five Solutions Days, the Collab365 Summit in May this year and we haven't stopped there. Next up we have the Collab365 Global Conference 2016 in October. Phew!

Our virtual conferences have been wildly popular. I think this is because they make life easier for Speakers and also much easier for the attendees. They do have some drawbacks over physical conferences, but all-in-all, if you want to cram as much knowledge into your head without leaving your armchair ... they're incredible!  ​They have all been free to attend and have been accessible to anyone in the world. In fact, by the end of this year we will have broadcast over 650 hours worth of content! How did that happen ?!?

As great as conferences are at providing learning they can lack structure and you can find two sessions you want to attend scheduled at the same time. We wanted to supplement our conferences with something new. 

It's time for something new. Very new.. Enter the Summer Games

Over the last 3 months we've been working with Metalogix to bring you something that makes learning not only fun but also a little more structured. I believe we've done a pretty good job with our latest event the Collab365 Summer Games!

What are the Summer Games?

The Summer Games is a 4 week learning event that started on September 19th and ends at our Global Conference on the 19th October. Each week we will be releasing 2 or 3 events for you to take part in and complete. Each event is based around a particular topic of SharePoint or Office 365. For example, we have events for SharePoint 2016, Search, Migration, No-code solutions and many more. 

Our games host is Metalogix supremo, Adam Levithan. Behind the scenes Adam has been chatting to ​lots of well-known SharePoint legends. We've assembled content, podcasts and videos into the following programme of activities.

Check out the Summer Games programme


Orienteering for O365 & SharePoint

Beginner's content that introduces SharePoint and O365.

No-Code Archery

Tips targeted towards Power Users, not developers. Advice on how to do more with what you already have.


SharePoint/Office 365 Equestrianism

Make sure you don't get caught by some of the SharePoint gotchas!

Diving (into SharePoint 2016)

Enjoy content related to SharePoint 2016 and the new features available.


Rowing (glide through Adoption)

This event is geared towards end-user adoption and how to get users engaged!

"Search" Golf

This event centers around how to get the best out of Search within SharePoint and Office 365 (inc hybrid).


Power User Weightlifting

There are 1000's of Power Users around the world, this event will focus on giving them expert tips and tricks.

Migration Marathon

At some point you may need to move to SharePoint, or to another version of SharePoint. This is a tricky area if you're not experienced. Tune in!

Who will be crowned the Summer Games Champ?

Just to add a little more spice, fun and competition to the Games - we're looking to find the Summer Games Champion. As you complete various tasks, such as complete a topic, or pass a quiz, you will be allocated points. The person who has the most points at the end, will be crowned the Summer Games Champ! If there is a tie on points then we will ask Adam to draw the winner out of a hat. 

I missed the start - can I still play?

You bet! We encourage you to start as soon as possible. Each week will see more and more content added to the games, but if you wanted to cram it all into a weekend - then this is absolutely fine. The only thing you need to be aware of is that we'll be giving points out for secret activities, so get started sooner to be sure of earning them.

Once you've registered on the Summer Games (I'll wait .... ), there are a couple more things I wanted to tell you. Namely the Collab365.Academy and Collab365 Global Conference ...

Say hello to the Collab365 Academy!

You will notice that the Summer Games is actually hosted on a brand new service of ours called the "Collab365.Academy". This is actually the start of a new initiative and personal goal of ours. We want to deliver specialist online training to predominantly SharePoint & Office 365 Power Users. The building blocks of the platform are now in place, so expect some paid courses to be offered in the coming months!

Collab365 Global Conference

If you are reading this before 19th October 2016 then you simply have to sign-up for our free, huge conference taking place in October. Over 120 sessions covering SharePoint, Office 365 and Azure will be presented as we follow the sun around the world for an entire 24 hours. This unique event only happens once every year, so firstly take a look at the agenda and then save your place

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