Compete in our multi-player, online quiz, live and see if you can win 1000$ worth of prizes!

SharePoint Tournament will run during the 2nd day of our 2016 Global Conference...


4 Things you should know about the SharePoint Tournament

Online 20th October

The SharePoint Tournament will take place online at the Collab365 Global Conference. It's near the end of the conference at 3pm UTC, Oct 20th. To register all you need to do is register for the Global Conference and we will tell you more in the coming days.


This Tournament is a quiz with a significant twist. The tournament is a true multi-player event where several people from the SharePoint Community will go head to head in a fun, never seen before experience.

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$1000 worth of Prizes

Through the generosity of Concept Searching and Collaboris, we are delighted to announce that we will be giving prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd places. The prizes will be in the form of gift cards so you can choose how to spend it!

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50 Questions, 5 Categories

We will be asking you questions across 5 categories (Search, User Profiles, General, more and more). Please read below to discover more information about the rules and content. 

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Registration isn't officially open yet, but to give yourself the best possible chance of taking part, please complete the steps below and we'll mail you with instructions explaining how to join. 

STEP 1 : Register for Collab365 Global Conference:

STEP 2 : Join the tournament mailing list and we'll mail you with further details:

The Three Rules of SharePoint Tournament!

The 1st rule of SharePoint Tournament :

Don't talk about SharePoint Tournament! (Well, actually if you can talk about it - that'd really help!).  Share it here.

The 2nd rule of SharePoint Tournament :

Only enter once and no Googling. (We actually make it really hard to cheat as you will waste valuable seconds and it's unlikely you will find the answers on Google / Bing).

The 3rd rule of SharePoint Tournament :

Have FUN! Don't think of the Tournament as a serious exam where you will be tested to within an inch of your life! This event is designed to be fun, engaging and will give you an energy boost towards the of the 24 hour Global Conference! (BTW ... you can also change your playing name if you prefer to play anonymously :).

The SharePoint Tournament is sponsored this year by Concept Searching.

See here for full terms and rules of the SharePoint Tournament

Who is setting the questions?

All the way from Birmingham, Alabama, let me introduce ...
SharePoint Community legend....
Global Conference Chair....
SharePoint expert....and....

...our very own SharePoint Tournament Quiz Master,

Mr ........ Nick Brattoli!

Get preparing!

Nick has set 50 questions across 5 categories of SharePoint. The questions vary from beginner to advanced. 

Identity Management

"Easy as Password123"


"No, the other kind of architecture"

Service Apps & Features

"Why did Search just explode? We hope you know!"

Office 365

"It’s all SharePoint to me"


"So many new features it gets its own category!"

Earn a badge

Not only have we got 1000 US dollars worth of prizes, but we'll also be awarding these awesome looking badges for you to include on your blogs and emails. The big question is who will earn that 1st Place?

The small print!

As there's some great prizes on offer - we need to set some terms and conditions :

If more than 1 contestant tie on the same score and in the same time, then the prize winner for that position will be randomly selected.

The contest is running on our brand new quiz platform, so is still in beta. In the eventuality that there's a loss of service, then the 3 prizes will either be randomly allocated to one of the contestants. If we are unable to allocate

The SharePoint Tournament starts at 3:05pm UTC and ends at 3:20pm UTC. If you turn up late you can still take part, but you will be given less time. If you turn up when it's over, then you won't be allowed to take part. 

If you disagree with the accuracy or clarity of the questions we won't be giving any concessions. The results displayed in the tournament leaderboard are final.