SharePoint Tournament Results

The recent Collab365 Global Conference included a new feature called the SharePoint Tournament. The tournament took place at 3pm on the 20th October and saw 200 people go head to head in an online contest that set out to find who could get the best score in a timed, real-time quiz about SharePoint and Office 365. 

The quiz contained 49 questions spread across the following topics: Architecture, Service Applications and Features, Identity Management, Office 365 and One Drive all of which had been set by our amazing Quiz Master, Mr Nick Brattoli. 

The tournament was run in our new game engine that we designed to make our online conferences more interesting and engaging for attendees. This was the first time we had shown it off to the world so our excitement was high.

Thanks to Concept Searching...

‚ÄčThe contest gained a new dimension when Concept Searching provided an amazing $900 worth of prizes for first and 2nd place. We can't thank them enough for their support. Our company, Collaboris provided an additional $100 for 3rd prize. If you haven't checked out Concept Searching then their product is well worth a look. 


The quiz lasted 20 minutes and where 2 or more people scored the same number of points, the ranking was determined on who finished the quiz first. So, without further ado let's tell you who the winners were...

Huge congratulations to all 200 that took part!

We're planning to do more online, real-time contests so if you'd like to become Quiz Master, or would like us to run one on a different subject matter (such as development), please leave a comment.

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